What Altera Support Altera Max+Plus l support 3rd Party EDA tools through EDIF EDIF is a standard file transfer format between different eda tools
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What is ahdl Altera Hardware Description Language develop by altera integrate into the altera software Max+ Plus I description the hardware in language instead of graphic easy to modify easy to maintane very good for
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Tri-State Buffer There are two application area for the Tri-State Buffer Internal Tri-State- Buffer Logic need a Tri-State Buffer within Device External Tri-State Buffer Logic need a Tri-State Buffer at the/O pin What Altera can provide Altera will implement Internal Tri-State Buffer with MUX
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ClkI and Clk2 are the clock which running at different frequency Copyright 1997 Altera Corporation
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PLD 主要厂商 Altera 公司设计的 EDA 工具,得到广泛应用; 可采用原理图输入和文本输入等多种设计输入方式; 可支持 VHDL、Verilog HDL、AHDL 等多种硬件设计语言; 可进行编辑、编译、仿真、综合、芯片编程等设计全过程操 作; 符合工业标准,能在各类设计平台上运行;
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s the design simple enough to course any error? Any Setup/Hold time problem? ALBRA Copyright 1997 Altera Corporation
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What is the Floorplan a It is use to control the placement of your design logic to increase the performance of your design to reduce the rowicolumn traffic resolve the \can not fit issue(altera expert can do this for
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If you were a If you were Altera Software Engineer, what shall you do? Graphic Entry H Graphic Compiler H Graphic processor VHDL Entry H VHDL Compiler H VHDL processor Fitting
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Architecture of fleX device FastTrackTM Interconnect Same row LAB Copyright 1997 Altera Corporation
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第4章常用EDA工具软件操作指南 4.1 Lattice ispEXPERT操作指南 4.2 Altera MAX+plusⅡ操作指南 4.3 Xilinx Foundation操作指南
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