10.1. Introduction 10.2. High-rise Buildings of Shear-wall 10.3. High-rise Buildings of Rigid Frame 10.4. High-rise Buildings of Tube
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8.1. Sectional Shapes and Proportions 8.2. Moment Diagrams 8.3. Internal Resisting Couple 8.4. Prestressing Design 8.5. Connections
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上海交通大学:《结构概念设计 Conceptual design》教学资源_Chapter 7 Overall Design of Vertical Subsystem(VS)7.5. Deflections
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7.1. Overall Structural Behavior of VS 7.2. Shear Wall Subsystem 7.3. Shaft (Tube) Subsystem 7.4. Rigid Frame Subsystem
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5.1. Dead Loads 5.2. Live Loads, Snow and Wind Loads 5.3. Earthquake Loads 5.4. Internal and External Movement 5.5. Response of structures and codes
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4.3. New design concepts (Performance Based Structural Design)
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4.1. Space Organization of Subsystems 4.2. Total System Analysis
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Buildings conceived as columnar space structures by considering a simple rectangular space-form enclosed by four slender columns
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3.1 Building Systems 3.2 The Hierarchy of Structural Action 3.3 Building Forms Conceived as Solid Structures 3.4 Building Forms Conceived as Space Structures
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上海交通大学:《结构概念设计 Conceptual design》教学资源_Chapter 2 Schematic Building Forms as Total Structural System 2.2 Estimating Overall Forces
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